Thursday, August 30, 2012

new journey

Well here it far.
I will probably be posting quite a bit about our new house.
This is the living room of our 1930s brick bungalow.

 We don't technically live here yet (because we are not married) but are having so much fun designing each room. Jake and I both have an eclectic sense of style but always lean towards mid century modern pieces. I had my eye on this couch for quite some time and finally talked Jake into it one day and I love how it fits in this room. The shelves are filled with some of our film cameras along with Jake's screen printing books. The milk glass is growing wild flowers and is sitting on a table Jake made out of an old fence. The art is done by a great local artist, Wes Jackson. 
This is only a small section of the room and once we are done with it I will post more photos as well as the rest of the house!


My name is Taylor.

This blog is a place to store all of my ideas and photographs. 

Here is a few photos to tell you about my life.

This is Jake, my best friend, boyfriend, and photography partner.

 This is Willow, my pup.

     This is Carlisle, the strangest cat I've ever known.