Thursday, February 6, 2014

something else for a moment

Take a minute today to admire something that you believe is beautiful. Something that if for just a moment gives you peace and joy and reminds you that busy is not always best. Because the difference between happy and unhappy might be the time you took to look at these flowers, or read a poem, or drink a cup of coffee.
Write about it or tell someone what it means to you.
Too often we fall into the pressure of working constantly to stay "productive". I know that pressure very well. While others are getting a degree or working a job being paid a steady income I'm perfecting my brand and my service so that I will get hired. But how productive was the day really
when at the end of it you feel like something is missing? Or that you ignored something significant.

It took me until now to understand why people drink a glass of wine at the end of their work day. They are taking a moment to admire something they believe is beautiful.

It's funny how the older I get the less wasteful my life seems. Every day at the end of it means something.