Friday, February 8, 2013

good day friday

Lately, I've been asking myself a simple question. What should I be putting my energy and focus in to? It's really not that simple of a question after all because I simply can't answer it. There are so many things I enjoy and so many things I want to learn that I'm finding myself getting discouraged If I don't do them all at the same time. Maybe I should focus on my photography, or possibly start knitting more...or maybe I should start really getting a hold of the wedding plans?
I simply don't know right now, but I do know that I want to do them all.

Please excuse my random photo post of the day. We are working on our house and Jake is making a table and Carlisle is playing with his dog and my plants are happy and I'm photographing it all.
Oh, except the photo Jake insisted on taking as we were leaving the house. These photos were all taken with our lovely new Pentax 645.

Happy Friday everyone.

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