Tuesday, September 11, 2012

rusty goodness

I'm sick of walking around the antique stores and even the flea market crying over things I can't have. Seriously sick of it.
So we skipped over the antique shops on our free day and went to an actual JUNK shop. I'm not sure it was even a shop, more like someone's yard. But it was huge and filled with so much stuff it would take a year to look through it all. We managed to come out with quite a few goodies.

These amazing knives.
Some old legs from a stove, an old cracked mirror, an enamel pot, cast iron skillet, pencil sharpener, Kodak camera and film, leather stamping kit, grease can, wooden bowl, a banged up light cover, some fan blades, PINK sunbeam mixing bowl, syrup dispenser, a green glass bottle, and a dog memorial box (came with two teeth and a lock of hair). 

Most of this probably looks really unnecessary to you but we have big plans.

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