Saturday, September 15, 2012

show and tell

I realize this blog is becoming more of a show and tell than I'd like it to be. Eventually I plan on posting diy's and recipes and all kind of other things you might actually want to know. 

But for now I'm showing you these beautiful things I've found in hopes that you will appreciate them as much as I do.
Like this bag.
Look at this's amazing. We went to an estate sale on the last day (because we don't like spending a lot of money) and found a whole table of old film stuff. A lot a lot of stuff. Some stuff that cost thousands of dollars and some stuff that cost a couple dollars.
We come across old leather camera bags all the time and already have quite a few. But this bag holds our 5d with the lens attached with room left over. I can actually use this bag when I'm just wandering around town and don't want to cripple my back even more by carrying the huge backpack.
But really I think the best part about this bag is that it was only $12.


The lady who once lived in this house must have been one classy lady. I've never seen such beautiful stuff in my life. She had SO many beautiful old doily's that I like to think she hand made.  

But maybe the most beautiful thing of all is this hat. One of the ladies running the sale told me they sold over 40 vintage hats.
I believe this was probably the best one and it was waiting for me.

Oh and I bought one other thing but I probably won't show it for a very long time.

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